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PWEID.PK - Good Or Bad?

|Includes:Pacwest Equities Inc (PWEID)

PacWest Equities (OTC:PWEID) has had a violent introduction by others who believe this stock is a loser. As commented several times by Michael Goode, there are 15 reason to not have a Long-term investment into PWEID.

As a short-term stock, it cannot be viewed as a bad gainer. I myself purchased 500 shares of the stock, when it was PWEI, at .383/share. As of November 2, 2012, this stock produced a 3:1 forward split (approved by FINRA) and did so at around $1.15/share (pre-split). On Monday, 11/5/2012, it realized a starting price around .383/share and shot up to around .50/share and has consistently hovered between .60-.70 per share since it stabilized after the split.

Biggest problem so far is that a slough of "naked short sellers" that shot this stock up on a daily basis in the first opening hours of the exchange trading, have not yet been called and so there are a lot of legitimate shares out there that the short sellers have not been forced to purchase.

I personally believe that this stock has a potential yearly cap of around 1-2 dollars a share, pending business decisions and market implementation of their product(s).

Updated Information about FINRA approved Split-Dividend:PWEI(NYSE:D) Forward Split Information

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Additional disclosure: I have 1500 shares of PWEID, as a result of the 3:1 split approved on 11/2.

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