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Provectus Has Been Thoroughly Investigated...and Passed.

|Includes:Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (PVCT)

With the speed of vultures smelling roadkill, the ambulance-chasing would-be security lawyers have started trying to drum up business by enticing Provectus shareholders (most likely ex-shareholders) to blame the company rather than to blame the shorts, for the recent market action.

When we confront momentous events that seem surprisingly inexplicable, we search for answers and reasons and for people to blame. That is why the shorts preface their attacks with snide denigrating comments and escalate to innuendo, facts out of context that make the company look bad, and plain old-fashioned lies. They like their outrageous claims to inspire outrage and comment because they know that, if you repeat a lie enough times, the average person starts to believe it. This is the technique perfected by the infamous Nazi, Joseph Goebbels, called The Big Lie.


The share price declines, the bashing tweets and articles, and the gathering of vulture lawyers, in total, make everyone at least wonder for a minute or two, whether what they are saying could be true. People ask themselves, "Is this all a scam?"

I have done a lot of due diligence and what I see as a scam is the Seeking Alpha article and the bashing on twitter and elsewhere. But you don't have to take my word for it.

A Real Investigation of Provectus

How about considering the thorough investigation run by the NYSE?

Provectus met all the mechanical and numerical requirements for listing on the NYSE MKT at the end of February. The NYSE wanted to see the 10K scheduled to be filed in March so they could finish their evaluation. COO Pete Culpepper hand delivered the SEC form 10K to the NYSE and that started their in-depth investigation.

I should note that listing on the NASDAQ is totally mechanical. If a company has the required market cap, number of shareholders, share price, etc., they are allow to list on the NASDAQ because they reached all the mechanical cut-offs.

For NYSE listing, including the NYSE MKT, in addition to the mechanical financial and governance metrics, they do a thorough investigation of the people involved and the company's actions, from Day 1.

Shareholders who knew that the application for listing was made and the 10k deposited in early March wondered why it was taking so long, when not uplisting announcement was made in early April. I certainly wondered. So, I asked the company. In fact, I asked for a status report a number of times in April and May. What I was told was that the NYSE was doing a thorough investigation and that their investigators, from time to time, asked questions or requested data, as part of their investigation. I was also told that Provectus was happy to provide the NYSE with anything they wanted and were confident that the investigation would result in Provectus being listed.

Their confidence was justified. Provectus got a clean bill of health, including financial health, from the NYSE.

We saw the listing happen last week and Provectus ringing the Bell on the NYSE floor, today.


A NYSE listing has a lot of benefits for the company and shareholders.
One of them, not really appreciated and especially relevant when shorts are making up horror stories and attacking, is the thorough NYSE investigation of all companies seeking a listing.

Provectus is serious enterprise and succeeding in their quest to prove that PV-10 can help people with cancer.

It is the short-attackers who have conspired to manipulate the market in Provectus shares and actually succeeded at it, again, that are running a scam. They have managed to manipulate the market with no oversight or red flags by the SEC or FINRA. Last time I looked, collusion to manipulate a market was illegal. Actually doing it is a more serious offense. The fact that the so-called regulators have not acted to stop the perpetrators, who conspire openly on Twitter and elsewhere, is a travesty of justice and deserving of complaints and lawsuits... against the manipulators.

Disclosure: I am long PVCT.

Additional disclosure: and I have increased the size of my position during the currently ongoing short attack.

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