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2/11/10 Midday Report: EU says they will bail Greek out but offers few details, claims they were drunk at the time

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The Greek debt crisis in Europe is still causing uncertainty in the markets as the leaders of the EU gave a tepid, vague, and Spicoli-ian response to their discussions and plans to bailout the Greeks.  The president of the EU, some guy named Jose Barroso who also doubles as the Prime Minister of some place called Portugal where he is said to survive off of the magic lillies from the river Tejo opined: “There is an accord."   He then went on to give a little more detail by saying: "it's a Honda Accord, but still it's an accord.  Oh I keed I keed.  We have a great accord, for me to poop on" as apparently Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is big in Portugal these days.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel then said: “Greece won’t be left alone but there are rules and these rules must be adhered to. On this basis we will agree on a statement.”  Of course the rules are that Greece has to drastically cut its spending, increase many of its taxes, and be home before 9pm, but the good news is that the leaders of the EU have finally agreed on a statement.  So whoop-de-dam-doo, we have a statement.  Unfortunately Money McBags has yet to find that statement anywhere and unless the statement is "we're bailing out Greece, now pass the saganaki," it is unclear what has actually been accomplished despite Herman Von Rompuy claiming that the EU will provide "determined and coordinated action if needed."  That's great to know, really, but if you could provide that action BEFORE THE FUCKING EU IMPLODES, that would be much appreciated.  You know Mr. Von Rompuy, if that's even your real name, the rest of the world is trying to run an economic recovery here so could you stop pussyfooting around (unless it's your foot and Abbey Lee's pussy, then please take your time) and lend the Greeks some fucking money already.  Jeesh.  I haven't seen a supposed plan with fewer details since Hank Paulson scribbled his TARP strategy on the back of a napkin using only ketchup packets and Alan Greenspan's tears.  The EU leaders are being so vague they are making Sorities paradox look easier to reach a conclusion about than Sarah Jessica Parker's gender (trick question, because she's a tranny).

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