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SoL #5: A Very Odd Reason To Own Google

|Includes:Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is a great stock and a great company. It is a major part of my portfolio and I think it has a bright future and is an incredible long-term play. However, the enigma that is the inner workings of my mind (comment if you got that reference) has recently produced a strange theory: what if you had to own Google stock to rule the world in the future? It is indeed quite random, but I will at least attempt to justify it.

Many have said that Google owns the future and will eventually take over the world due to its ever-increasing market share in the products that are the future of technology. That is because of its relentless innovation and continuous stream of acquisitions.

So, what if this theory really does hold true? Google could employ the world's population and control everything from government to the economy. But, shareholders of Google are owners of the company and thus they control the world.

Google stock is a superior investment and I am confident it will provide excellent returns. Ruling the world just might be an added perk. One caveat, just remember to diversify in case that doesn't happen.

Google is indeed a great stock, but ignore everything else I just said. (Except the part about diversification. Please do diversify.)

Disclosure: I am long GOOG.

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