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In 2000, UBS Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE:UBS) and Bond Street Capital (NYSE:BSC) formed a closed-end mutual fund to purchase debt and other securities of distressed (near bankrupt) companies restructuring their debt financing. Since 2007, the net asset value of the Fund declined by over 300 million dollars. Some investors have lost over 85% of their initial investment capital as a result of gross misrepresentations and mismanagement of the fund.

It appears that many UBS advisors are misinformed by the company about the nature, mechanics and risks of the Willow Fund and in turn, misinformed their clients. Some of UBS's best clients invested in what they were led to believe to be a "safe" and "secure" investment with a "guaranteed income stream." They were unaware of the extensive leverage through the use of derivatives and credit swap contracts. This was a highly speculative investment and unsuitable for many of those clients with income as their primary investment objective.

The Willow Fund managers ratcheted up the risk by failing to perform the rigorous credit analysis on the company's restructuring of their debt financing. In addition, the managers failed to limit the risk positions and diversify the portfolio as represented. It appears that a gross breach of fiduciary duty and negligence occurred in the management of the fund.

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