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Stock-Market Wisdom In Poetry

Value for money you must insist.

Going against the trend you must resist.

The trend is your friend.

Follow it to the very end.

Holding on to a falling stock is unwise.

Cut your losses quickly is advised.

Never catch a falling dagger.

There are better ways to place a wager.

Kill not the golden goose when you have one.

Sell not prematurely if gold is what you want.

Undervalued unpopular stocks are never fanciful.

But overtime, they can be extremely useful.

In euphoria, join the crowd, enjoy the ride if you wish.

Be careful though, lest you drop out and vanish.

The market is strongest at the top.

Lock in your profit before volume has a good drop.

Sell your stocks when you love them most.

Take your money; let the deal be closed.

Buy when volume traded is lowest.

The market will then be at its dullest.

Investors should buy low and sell high.

Traders should buy high and sell higher.

Someday you will know what I mean.

By then, you will be a market dean.

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