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The Current State of Capitalism IS A CANCER!

Throughout life, individuals go through many phases. Of course, there is childhood, the teenage years, leading into adulthood and so on. Even throughout adulthood, the phases of each individuals life are remarkably different over 5, 10 or 20 year periods. There are very few of us that remain static in today’s world…whether it is a different wife or husband, a different country to reside in, a different career. The labels with which we associate ourselves are constantly changing.

Capitalism as an economic system or ideology has also seen its phases. If you were to personify capitalism in its current phase, I believe you would call this phase the “trying to find bottom” phase. How many ugly girls and broken teeth must capitalism wake up with in the morning to finally realize that it is spinning out of control?

The capitalism that made the United States into what it was…is not the same capitalism we know today. This used to be a country of producers. The brightest and the best used to come to this country in an effort to contribute. They had no grand delusions about what the country could give them, but wanted to be a contributing factor to the growth of the country with only expecations that their hard work would lead to a better life.

In its current drunken and cancerous state the capitalist system has turned into one gigantic wealth transfer mechanism. The system has been infiltrated by leaches at every single level. What these leaches have done is find ingenious ways of making money through the simple transfer of wealth. And true to their lecherous ways, the leaches suck out a portion of the money being transferred multiple times per day, week and month. It ends up a very good living.

This doesn’t just go on in government but at every level of professional society. Whether it is in the financial profession, whether it is in the legal profession, whether it is in the real estate profession. We have set up a network of businesses and occupations that produce nothing and only suck the blood of one another in order to put bread on the table. When everything is a zero sum game, without any efforts towards actual ingenuity and production, our society becomes one gigantic board game where a finite amount of play money is transferred from one person to the other, with the ultimate outcome being most of the players sucked dry and only a select few holding all the chips.

It has become a ridiculous system. It has become corrupted at every single level, from the judiciary, to the congress person, to the city official. It has become a system of self-want and need without regard for what remnants lie in the waste behind. While greed is indeed good…what we are seeing now is the results of what unchecked greed, without any intellectual effort at the evolution of greed, results in.

We have Wall Street financiers who develop ever more exotic instruments with which to pillage individual companies and entire countries. We have the lawyers, a majority of which do nothing but impede innovation and progress through which this country was formed. A band of rabid professional arguers who are content to rot the system from within in order to bill sufficient hours. Then we have all of those in real estate, insurance and such who do nothing but get a percentage of the money being transferred or the premiums being paid.

We are a country of immigrants. All of us, at one point or another (barring our American Indian brothers and sisters), immigrated here throughout the generations. The immigrants who built this country did so on the back of hard work. In our current state of immigration we have contributors, but at the same time, we have a great many individuals who are loophole worms. Every loophole through which immigrants can find a way to mistreat and cheat the system, they have done.

This has created a group of individuals who are hard workers, but not hard workers in the traditional American sense. These hard workers do so with an idea that they will not only get paid by their employer for their hard work, but they will also garner whatever favors they can get from county, state and federal governments. Therefore it’s another zero sum game…the individual wins and the government loses.

During the great land grab of the 1800’s, immigrants from all over the world came here to claim their land in the new world. The land was given away with the idea of development and growth. It was a win, win situation for all parties involved. The country would grow, more entrepreneurs would come and individuals had the chance to get wealthy. In today’s society, we have individuals coming for jobs, shopping at stores, developing the community. But whatever is contributed, they also take back in the form of free governmental programs. Nobody wins…a complete wash!

This is not just the fault of individual, it is also the fault of government, as government has been an enabler. Government officials lack a simple understanding of economics, history and simple mathematics. They have been infiltrated by so many different interest groups that government has become a perpetual joke.

What is the most frightening aspect of this is that the entire world has embraced capitalism over the past 10-20 years like no other period. The problem is that they are embracing capitalism in its cancerous stage. True to human form, everyone is late to the party and the after effects of the hangover will be disastrous for all involved.

Every addict has a bottom. In Capitalism’s case, it may take the pain of its shining light and superstar falling flat on its face to realize that real change at every level of government, enterprise and idealogy is needed.

I am a believer in capitalism in its previous forms.

Signed: the ever heretical…Dr. Kellegro.

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