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European Morning Wrap: Europe Back In The Saddle. In No Hurry To Embrace Risk

|Includes:FXB, CurrencyShares Euro Trust ETF (FXE), FXY

European stocks, gold, oil all down.

EUR/USD (NYSEARCA:FXE) has given ground, presently at 1.3080 from early 1.3130. Euro zone sovereign/bank concerns remain to the fore, with periphery/German government bond yield spreads widening out further this morning.

Barrier option interest remains down at 1.3000, with protective buy orders clustered from 1.3030 to 1.3000.

USD/JPY (NYSEARCA:FXY) down at 81.20 from early 81.40 after BOJ held monetary policy steady overnight. Buy orders seen clustered 82.00/10, sell stops below there.

Cable (NYSEARCA:FXB) down at 1.5830 from early 1.5920, undermined by general risk off environment.

Stocks: FXE, FXY, FXB