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How The ETFs Score Above The Other Vehicles Sailing On The Fund Waters!

Getting to know the ETFs fundamentals is only possible if we have the best knowledge of this investment vehicle. Firstly it is important to know that Exchange Traded Funds have an edge over the other financial vehicles as they give the investors the benefit of managing funds and listing the shares in the most liquid and convenient way.

Here the Fund Manager plays the role of the supreme issuer. Just like shares, the ETF's are traded on an exchange. The authorized participants and the market makers play an important role in creating a demand for the ETF. Authorized Participants have the capacity to handle, i.e. create and redeem the ETF in question.

The brokers and financial advisors help the investor to buy and sell the vehicle, of course the state of liquidity is taken care of by the Market movers, so in short the three work together to ensure the flow on the funds in all ways.

Based on pricing distortion relating to behavioral patterns of the investor, the Modern Portfolio Theory alternative helps to create superior portfolios. These super portfolios are related to the behaviour of the investors but without the proper statically analysis the portfolio becomes baseless. Judgements and creations of an apt portfolio can only be based on empirical evidence. There is no golden rule that works on empiricist ways without proper facts and figures.

The special ability of the ETF to be able to track the respective asset classes other than the stocks and bonds is a quality that has helped the funds gain undue recognition among retail investors. Today Exchange Traded Funds are the hottest financial products on Wall Street, much to the dismay of the traditional and conventional funds. What actually bring the vitality of these funds are the pliable characteristics that attract the funders. The transparency of the Funds allows the investors to create an allocation strategically and tactically. More over by delaying taxes on capital gains it imposes as a much better tool for tax efficient funding. Having the characteristics of being Index funds, they have the least expenses to be incurred in funding. The ability to be tracked on the stock exchange has another huge benefit: The investors are allowed to buy and sell whenever they desire. The prices and rates of the ETFs change throughout the day and unlike the mutual funds that simply allow the investor to proceed to buy or sell just once in a day.

The Wednesday of 18 September 2013, has seen a remarkable stimulus in the money market. The FED has not announced the much anticipated reduction to their bond purchases. There has been a delay in the tapering down as per the FED and an announcement of $85 billion worth of treasuries and mortgages that are backed by securities every month. To this there has been a sudden hike in the S & P by 1.4% as there was a special like for this particular long awaited news, where we are progressing towards the fourth year of economic expansion.

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