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ETFs Cheer Up The Investment Markets

Since the end of the government shut down in the US, there has been a positive bustle in the stock market. The activities are showing soaring prices and there is a significant raise in the debt ceiling. ETFs have managed to cheer up the financial markets since their initial set ups in 1993. ETFs have gained popularity among the investors that are looking for exposure at low costs. The fad for Exchange Traded Funds is seen with their current availability in the US markets with a nearing figure of 1,400 different ETFs. Here we are talking about the US market alone, signifying its popularity as an investment tool which provides rich returns and safety of the money invested. The large numbers of ETF portfolios available in the financial market only lays further emphasis on the type of ETF the investor is looking for. This has to be sorted out according to the preference of each individual investor opting for this sort of financial investment.

The benefits that are associated with the ETFs help to attract the inflow of funds. The first benefit associated with the funds is- Diversification. ETFs represent assorted securities that are from a particular Index. So with a single purchase the investor is granted a wide horizon of exposure related to the entire market, style and asset class.

Transparency allows the investor to be able gain information at all times relating to the underlying stocks. The intraday value of the fund is transparent along with the fees and expenses related to the respective fund. Online prospectus is always available keeping in mind the transparent characteristic of the financial vehicle. The stocks that are included in the ETF are also visible to the investors so as to provide a full ETF research basis for the investor. This way the investor can gather information related to the balance sheets and the Fundamental Data Reports along with the Management Discussions. The Cash flow Tables, Balance sheets, Income statements of the securities included in the Fund are all carefully assessed with the professional ETF Research Firms.

As compared to the conventional and tradition investment vehicles the Exchange Traded Funds have a much lower expense ratio and management fees. This is just what attracts the investors eyes, where they get the desired exposure usually tailor made as per their requirements and that too all under one roof and at the lowest expense rates and fees. Quite feasible for the amount of exposure involved. More over while purchasing an Exchange Fund back testing of the waters is applied by the ETF Research teams. This helps to judge the bullish or bearish behavior of the ETF and the asset class that it belongs to. The Exchange Traded Funds are purchased with ease and helps to avoid all the tedious efforts involved while purchasing an investment plan.

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