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What News Predicts About Iraq And Its Economy

Economy of IraqAccording to Iraqi news agency confirmation, the banks are out of 25000 Iraqi Dinar IQD denominations. Resources haven't said anymore about this why these currency notes are out of 25000 denominations and this has been for more than a month that banks are not offering the 25000 Iraqi dinar denominations. What it looks! Either its revaluation or purpose of reprinting of dinar denomination, no one knows! We have to wait for this fact to come out. Banks claim that the non-availability of Iraqi dinar denomination is because of the fact 25000 currency notes are very less in circulation and these notes are printed less by the government and we are waiting for the commands of government to take the next step in this regard.

On the other hand, recently for a TV interview, Noor al Maliki said that we are going towards the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation. Conditions are becoming suitable and suitable to make Iraqi Dinar revaluation. And this revaluation will take just months, it seems or it might happen any day but we don't know in this regard. And I believe that this would be un-expected and good un-expected. CBI to do Saturday does auction and we can expect something on that day but please take this as rumor and speculation. It seems that we are actually going to see revaluation and Maliki will out of chapter 7 and then Maliki out of power unless he play some important and crucial role in order to play his smart and important role. It is really interesting and amazing news to listen the Iraqi Dinar revaluation.

Many experts in Iraq are predicting that time period between 15 to 20 is very important and this may lead to many changes in the entire atmosphere of Iraq i.e. Iraqi dinar revaluation is expected, many government changes are also expected, and many financial developments can take place and this is month will prove as a good and lucky month for Iraq.

Nowadays budget discussion is in the news at all in all over the Iraq. Many people are expecting the government to announce the budget in this month. But this is not sure so as the CBI has requested the banks to do so for the government to announcement of budget 2013 and there is no formal announcement by the government to announce the budget of Iraq. And all are expected with the approvals of government of Iraq. And there are many important decisions which are expected in this budget of 2013 or you can say the government may announce the fiscal policies as well for the year of 2013. With this it is also expected that Iraq may give the annual report on the oil production and oil export and new signing of contracts with the large oil producing companies and this is what we are waiting for the government to announce the budget of 2013 and this will pave the way of new investments because if the 1% increase found then it would be a great success for Iraq to get its targets and to stand in the community.