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Operational Changes In The Alternative Investments Horizon At Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013 New York

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Yuehan Xiao
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Operational Changes in the Alternative Investments Horizon at Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013 New York

Golden Networking brings Tech2Trade Expo 2013 (, World's Most Influential Alternative Investments Conference Series, now incorporating Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013, "Getting Ready to Manage $5 Trillion by 2016," New York City, London, Chicago, Singapore and Frankfurt (

(May 29, 2013, New York City) The alternative investment industry is rebounding from the black days of economic turmoil, but hedge funds are becoming smarter and thriftier. Budgets are still tight, and with increased demands from investors and regulators, funds now face greater challenges than ever before.

  1. How to reduce personnel and infrastructure cost and yet remain fully operational without sacrificing performance and efficiency?
  2. What operational changes can be made within your fund to reduce risk? How automation can be implemented at your firm?
  3. Should you increase the number of prime brokers you work with to reduce counterparty risk?

These questions will be debated at Tech2Trade Expo 2013's Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013 (, "Getting Ready to Manage $5 Trillion by 2016", this July 30 in New York City, September 18 in London., October 8 in Chicago, October 24 in Singapore and November 21 in Frankfurt.

As pointed out by Simon Bartletta, Heather Lord, and Brent Beardsley, the shift of the hedge fund investor base toward institutions, combined with recent regulatory changes, has had some notable consequences: investors are expecting their hedge funds to bring to the table higher levels of transparency, lower levels of operational risk, less complexity, and strong reputations. Operational due diligences are increasingly becoming the norm among institutional investors.

It is against this backdrop that the hedge fund industry has reached an inflection point. Indeed, as the alternative-investments industry matures and becomes more competitive, consistent returns will no longer suffice. Investors are demanding that solid returns be accompanied by a robust operating model and a lower overall risk profile. A world class operating model will become a source of competitive advantage.

Of course, hedge fund managers can pursue this goal in many ways, including investing in world class core infrastructure, adopting solutions based on application service providers, making use of prime-brokerage relationships, and outsourcing aggressively. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for better operational performance and a brighter future. Yet the key challenge that most hedge funds face today is creating an operating model that is aligned with the fund's strategic vision and flexible enough to enable the front office to evolve along critical dimensions. These dimensions include AuM growth, asset class mix, trading strategy, trading volume, investment vehicles (such as separately managed accounts, or SMAs), products (such as 40-Act and UCITS), and geographic expansion.

"Getting Ready to Manage $5 Trillion by 2016" is the theme of Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013, now incorporated into Tech2Trade Expo 2013 ( Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013 will provide attendees in New York City, London., Chicago, Singapore and Frankfurt with a virtual who's who following one legendary manager after another as they take the stage. Billions of investable assets will be represented by influential local and international investors who will listen with rapt attention as star managers and analysts discuss and debate the biggest issues facing the industry today.

Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013, co-located with High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013 and Derivatives Trading Forum 2013, is produced by Golden Networking (, the premier networking community for business executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Panelists, speakers and sponsors are invited to download our Information Package or contact Golden Networking directly by calling +1-414-FORUMS0 or sending an email to

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