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Expert On APGI: The System Works & The Numbers Add Up

|Includes:American Power Group Corp. (APGI)

Note: This instablog entry is not the main, detailed analysis to which I refer in the Seeking Alpha article. To view that entry (well worth the read), scroll down to the one below titled "Dual Duels in Dual Fuels: Why APGI Emerges The Natural (gas) Champion"

In my main article, I mentioned how Mr. Jack Roberts, executive editor for Commercial Carrier Journal (NYSE:CCJ) and equipment editor for its sister magazine, Overdrive, accepted a welcome from Smith Power to do a full test-day with a glider truck outfitted with APGI's dual-fuel solution.

Mr. Roberts is highly respected in the field. Both APG and Smith knew he would share his experiences with a broad and crucial audience in the cartage industry. Millions of trouble-free road-test miles with APG's dual-fuel system gave them every confidence. That confidence in the reliable, elegant, sophisticated APG dual-fuel system, as well as its logic in a glider-truck application, was well-placed What Mr. Roberts has sent out since that day has been remarkably positive. A "vindication" as he put it, that "...this rig...with an American Power Group (APG) natural gas fuel system, had performed exactly as the folks at APG, the Wheel Time Group and Smith Power, the manufacturer of the truck, had assured me it would."

I had predicted that in addition to his positive tweets and posted video at the time of the review, that Mr. Roberts would likely do a full article in the CCJ. I was wrong….he did two.

The first article focuses on his experience with the truck and dual-fuel system, and is perhaps of more general interest. The latter focuses on the compelling financial argument of APG's dual fuel system, and, specifically, the glider truck program, for the bottom-line-conscious cartage firm. The latter article is of most interest to investors and potential customers. Mr. Roberts does a great job of assembling real-world information to which the reader (who are also APG's potential customers) will relate. The real numbers put forth in this article are the best support I have ever read for my stance as a long in APGI. (e.g. those from Orr and Pope…well worth the read, in the second article.)

"This is a system that works on behalf of fleets and drivers to get the job done."

Asking the moot question, "are there any trucking operations not concerned about the bottom line" convinces me further that APGI is a remarkable investment opportunity. Initial sales will be driven by positive experiences like this, word of mouth, and the powerful web of sales and installation experts of The Wheeltime Network. That, however, will just be the beginning. Follow-on orders will fan the fire of sales, but what will throw explosives on sales for APGI will be when competing cartage firms realize the reason they are increasingly losing cartage bids is because their competitors are utilizing APG's dual-fuel system and they are not. At that point, APGI is going to need a separate 800 number just for sales, and a b-line to refer the proper parties to their nearest Wheeltime Network dealer. This will also be, in my opinion, what will prompt entities like UPS, FedEx, Yellow, Schneider, Roadway, Consolidated, ABF, JB Hunt, and others to seek out APG's technology.

Keep in mind….this is all not even mentioning the stationary application market, into which APG has made astute inroads. It's a great time to be an APGI long.

Commercial Carrier Journal followed up its online article with a generous spread dedicated to APG's Dual Fuel system in the print version. It's impressive, and easier to read. Here is a link to a PDF of it:

And/or enjoy the two online / digital edition articles:


- Odaat

Disclosure: I am long APGI.

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