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When Will The VRNG Damages Nightmare END?

|Includes:FORM Holdings Corp. (FH), GOOG

In the following post Mikehd25 does a nice job of detailing the possible clerical error here.

There are a few key facts to be derived from this information.

The Jury was almost certainly working with the $493M damages estimate, including $451M for Google. This estimate was provided by Dr. Becker for the period Sept 15, 2005 - Sept 2012.

The laches ruling reduced this to Sept 15, 2011 through Sept 2012, and the jury decided that this shorter period represented 35% of the total damages.

The jury applied 35% to the total $493M figure to get damages amounts for AOL, Gannet, Target and IAC.

Did the jury intentionally use 3.5% for the Google damages resulting in a 15.9M settlement, or was this an error in calculation?

If 3.5% was used intentionally, will the judge accept this amount?

If not, can the Judge reverse this apparent miscalculation?

I'm not a lawyer, and don't know how this kind of thing works in court.

Disclosure: I am long VRNG.

Stocks: FH, GOOG