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Anatomy of a Sale of a Good Stock

|Includes:Intel Corporation (INTC)
Note: This is an excerpt from today's blog at my website. 

I made a sale this morning, taking advantage of the rally we have been seeing to sell 1/3 of my position in INTC at 25.15. My rationale for this move illustrates my strategy perfectly. If you visit my website, you will see that I consider INTC a “Tier1” stock, and as noted, I own it. I still own it, just 1/3 less than I owned at the open. Why would I sell when INTC is doing so well as a company, especially since on my “Tier1” list I specify I would only consider selling if it reached 28.00? My reasons are as follows:
I had 150% of my authorized position size. I purposely oversubscribed back in March 2011, when it dipped below 20, with the thought that it was a good buy at this price, was safe enough to justify owning more even though I already had a full position, and (like all stocks I consider), it paid a good dividend.   
The sale price represented a 25% gain on the price paid. This is enough of a gain that I consider it worthwhile. I’m not saying “always sell when you have 25%”, but only that 25% is adequate, and a sale may be advisable, after considering all factors.
It just paid a dividend. Another one won’t be coming along for another 3 months.
I hate to let a rally go to waste. Sometimes I just want to “ring the cash register”!
(I have to credit Greg Capra of Pristine Capital for that expression, from the book “Tools & Tactics for the Master Day Trader”, Velez & Capra.) It perfectly describes why I sold. I haven’t “cashed in” on anything so far this month, & I just wanted to “see some green” to post into my records.
Like all stock trades, only time will tell whether this was smart or dumb. If it turns out to be the latter, it won’t be the first time.

If we have the predicted (by some pundits, at least) selloff as the Euro crisis unfolds, I would certainly consider buying back INTC if it declines below 20 again.

Disclosure: Long INTC
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