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I Rest My Case "Trading Places" -The Oligarchy Insider Trading Starting To Surface Recently Is Making The News

|Includes:Bank of America Corporation (BAC), C, CSCO, GLD, GOOG, GS, IYG, JPM, OIL, RNOW, XLF, YHOO

Banks and other stocks are taking it on the chin today November 22, 2010 and commodities are not that far behind. This article deals with the little guy not standing a chance in these current markets. The picture comes vividly clear from the movie "Trading Places" Director: John Landis .

In the scene all should remember where Randolph Duke collapsed as he keeps yelling, Sell, Sell, Sell, Turn on those trading machines as Mortimer Duke says, "I told you not to control the insider bet".

The moment of Randolph's (Oligarchic) collapse, is under the weight of such huge losses of betting on the futures. These are the same losses as the Oligarch are facing, as they went to bed with the Devil in the Fine Print.

Say, sell! Sell it all, and the mattresses may pay off better as seen in the past Great Depression. No, this is not the solution for prudent investors, but it comes close. Many are buying Bond and Bund issues, exposing them to even deeper losses. Deeper losses if they get inflation right from the Oligarchic approach of the insider trading abilities of holding the Market-makers positions.

This will not be the case though, as the arrogance of such fine Oligarchic folks has forgotten the reason its important to support the infrastructures of the middle class before they can really pillage them properly. Pillage the middle-class of their homes and retirements of the final emerging Baby Boomer class. A class seemingly holding the wealth they the Oligarchic folks are in search of from their point of view.

Profits of the big businesses dislocating millions upon millions, and humbling and bringing to their knees, these "Union Bodies" holding the spirit of their members they must send a message of, "Retreat".

These words can become scary in this modern world of having it all, and then taking it away. As it did in the great depression, these are the sign of the times of what makes for Coase Oppression Economics and that of the Austerity Theorems I have been on the forefront, well before my other contemporaries.

The continued call for Congress and President Obama to extend the Unemployment Benefits 12 more months. It would also be prudent to extend COBRA Benefits for at least another 12 months past this upcoming December month as well.

The month is a line drawn in the sand. The line of laws extending the benefits for so many ready to tank the economic wellbeing for so many. This is now paramount to the survival of the United States. Not to mention, the other G-20 Nations to support true world recovery. The reason is the explosive hyper-deflation that is on the near horizon.

The Devil in the fine print of the mighty greedy who can't win this time around. He, the (Oligarchy) as the devil in the fine print, has been checkmated. Checkmated in either tanking the entire banking and free-market systems or supporting a recovery that is sustainable without Hyper-Deflation or Inflation. The building of them, (Oligarchy) with the plans of surviving themselves with helping a recovery to each human unit to become ethically bound to incorporate a new social and moral order. An order with the Creator of God as the moral director of a true recovery. Wow! What a parallel of stories to be written and bantered about.

Sometimes, markets no longer become part of reality but become fiction. Nevertheless, these markets have become frank reality of no longer being Far-fetched.

Read the origins to what makes life and meaning of living important. Markets will come and go. However, there is only one of you to only be here once to get it right the first time.

You can say--man has "Never Balanced" His or Her own budgets. Budgets of life choices until faced with choices to do "With-Out".

This is the best definition of "The Measurement of Austerity" coming in at whichever level it must. Again, read and understand the word "Perfect" as the real word is actually "Teleios".

They all seem to fail the grade of math involved with the affects of "Demographic Economics".

The population control coming from countries of China, India, and other growing Emerging & Developing Nations are pointing to market downturns.

A downturn of mammoth proportion; on a time frame coming into effect in the 2050(s) - 2070(s).

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