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MT4 Binary Options Facts

Since 2005 there has been one dominant Forex trading platform. That trading platform is MT4.
Currently over 70% of the retail Forex market is traded on the MT4 trading platform. Hundreds of Forex brokers and banks have integrated the platform into their trading systems to accommodate the public demand for MT4. What was it about the MT4 platform that made it so popular? There are really two answers to this question. From the broker's perspective MT4 is relatively inexpensive and easy to deploy. Brokers would not charge their clients a platform fee which allowed for rapid growth. The brokers would not sacrifice providing their clients with an inferior product either the MT4 platform has all of the bells and whistles most traders are looking for.
From the clients' perspective and MT4 was a platform that was easy to use and also did not require a great deal of computer resources. A full charting package as well as being available in many different languages also makes the attractiveness of MT4 that much more evident. What really made MT4 attractive for the retail trader was the addition of expert advisors. This allowed traders to come up with systems that would trigger buy and sell signals and the MT4 expert advisor allowed these signals to be fully automated.

Prior to the popularity of MT4 many Forex brokers were using web-based interfaces. These web-based systems offered very little in terms of charting and analytics for the trader. A very similar situation exists today with regards to binary options. The vast majority of binary option brokers offer their clients a web-based graphical interface. Once again this interface usually lacks any kind of market transparency or any type of charting. Until now that some select brokers offer MT4 binary options trading. This should not be confused with certain plug-ins or patches that are available but full binary options brokers integration with the MT4 platform. Binary option traders can now trade both binary options and forex on the same platform. They can also develop and use expert advisors to test out their systems and use them for trading both for FX and binary options.

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