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Hedge Funds have taken heat for volatility in stock market.

In the recent stock market crash as well as violent pull backs and corrections in the US based markets. Hedge Funds have been blamed for initiating the volatility that has been the nemesis for some traders and investment firms.

"What needs to be addressed is the basic positions of stock markets and realizing the strategies that best fit opportunities for positive growth" says Mr. Ibo Richards founder of the TITANIUM PROJECT a hedge fund starting up in South FLorida. " The market today is subject larger allocations to portfolios than ever before. The aspect of allocations being larger causes liquidity based corrections that in turn cause pull backs that can occur more often in secular bull markets".

The market has seen the larger financial institutions raking up big sums of money. In particular JP MORGAN CHASE has experienced massive success since the bank bailouts and stress tests. Pure genius on management behalf of the simply following directions correctly using Sarbanes Oxley? New terrain in investments and uncharted territory, perhaps the basic fundamentals are the safest way for a investment bank to run.

There is an issue of propriety trading. Researches from MAXE RESEARCH company argue that this is not hedging. IT is just basically short term active trades that the markets must adjust to handle the liquidity as there is more traders and more volume. This is not a negative moving forward because it is healthy for capitalist societies to be involved in positive growth. More is better in investing and the stock markets will continue to grow despite negative things that happen. A good example is the Weighted Index (S&P) getting an embarrassing down grade. This opens the door for other markets and exchanges to try their hand in the growing economies. With that being said, investors are multiplying all over the world and the US economy is by far the best place to invest .

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