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These days busineses are using underdeveloped economies to sustain growth in a tough economic environment. Today the US economy is losing business to foriegn economies as businesses rush to leverage themselves against uncertainty and new regulation that is said to discourage growth. "The economy is going to changes that it has never seen and seems not to be getting used to says future economist MR IBO RICHARDS". Businesses are insecure in hiring due to measures taken by the US Government that are intended to make the US economy stronger for future generations."

From a business minded perspective one would argue that money has to be made now and waiting for something to happen or for people to get ready is unacceptable behavior. "We live in an age that could be called the information revolution. Information is processed and distributed in ways that were not available to businesses thirty or forty years ago. Not even twenty years ago social media and cell phones didn't exist in the space that it does today. The information in particular investment information is bounced back and forth across the globe to regions that were not even capable of functioning on a competitive level in the vat investment worlds. Communication with this information is breaking barriers and opening the door for businesses to take risk and emerge with foreign nationals. The good news for business is what I call "the dominant cheap labor effect". Convenient for business labor is many times cheaper than it is inn the US economy, further more emerging economies will take what they can get for most have nothing. The bad news is two fold for the US economy, lost of jobs mostly in the manufacturing space. These types of jobs have high turnover rate in the US and were readily available for quick income as needed. Then the issue of emerging economies become competitive enough to sustain the high powered growth of the US economy. Remembering that the technology of today allows these up and coming economies to skip middle school if you will and keep pace with change and solid GDP growth of the leading economies."

Richards also says that small businesses will benefit as well from this turn of global economic change and should prosper at higher speeds than their business upperclassmen.

The business community can and will use upcoming nations and economies as leverage to maximize profits. It is going to be very interesting to watch the global economic scene unfold in the next thirty to forty years.

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