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U.S :Respectable investors are looking at real estate more than ever. Home building is heard as land sales began to take off. In a turn around in the credit markets due to the number of foreclosures four years ago verses the time it takes a property sale to close made housing seem weak. Most misinterpreted the data. The cold truth is even though foreclosures are still happening with large numbers expected to grow. Home sales may see stabilization and in some areas positive growth due to investors getting back in the housing market as negative credit regulations expire and fairness and transparency in the market through government regulation holds steady. The home building should maintain despite negative GDP slowing in the U.S economy. The U.S. economy learning a valuable lesson will take the best opportunities instead of any or all opportunities.


CHINA'S EDGECHINA ON THE GLOBAL SLOWDOW :The China growth story has been interesting over the last three years in which the U.S. stock market revealed that China and its amazing GDP growth that made the rest of the global economic sector look like mere children. All of a sudden China growth has double down. Hedge fund manager from the BOHOVAWITZ MANAGEMENT hedge fund give a different take on the subject of China. " We do not trust China from an investment point of view. Research and valuations show no reason why this economy would even think of slowing down. The Chinese government made it clear to the whole world that the y want their currency first above everyone else. It is also no secret that China manipulates its currency. They could easily shorting their own economy in spite of everyone else struggling to maintain. We just don't trust China from an investment point of view."BOHOVAWITZ MANAGEMENT is a merger arbitrage hedge fund.


GOODS FOR YOUCOMMODITY PRICE ACTION UNSUSTAINABLE FOR U.S. GROWTH: Recently we have the a turn for the worst in the goods markets. Droughts in Midwest USA have and will cause corn prices to move up considerably. Oil from a economic point of view will negatively affect GDP growth anywhere over $90.00 a barrel. 30 PAPER in light of the weighted index going up nearing 1400 levels is still outrageously high at 150.00 which not being a matter of opinion is a sign of fear in the market. With that being said Gold against Euro seems like a fair reasonable trade. But who's trading? The Euro takes it with a total mess that most fear will never get straightened out due Europeans not willing to accept austerity. This next year or so should be real interesting as far as commodity prices are concerned.


IZ CORP BUSINESS ASSOCIATION index expected to outperform major indexes
Global economic efforts sustain small cap companies furthering positive growthGLOBAL INVESTMENT: In light of what could have turned into a catastrophe in regards to global economic forecast. Eurozone leaders were able to calm markets with resilient statements concerning the fate of the Euro which is a major part of the global economic make-up. With fear on the rise basically due to U.S economic outlook in 2013 coupled with the U.S. trading markets now under strict regulatory watch, investors looking for the next big growth story welcomed the news as small cap companies held strong. IZ CORP BUSINESS ASSOCIATION an index on the IZ CORP EXCHANGE which offers roughly 70 companies and more than half being small cap growth stories, saw investors poising themselves to buy up the index hedging with precious metals. Gold bounced as the small business growth enjoyed the positive side of what has been a very volatile uncertain market this year. The investment trade carries through with an uptrend as the secular run continues. Many investors believe that IZ CORP BUSINESS ASSOCIATION index is valued growth story moving forward with growth slowing down across global economies.

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