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Wide World of Trade Update


The United States is the leader in investment markets by far. Setting the tone by dictating the reform and regulating is attracting investors. This is being seen in the frenzy of buying in the WEIGHTED INDEX(S&P).

It is observed that 2013 September FOMC meeting will cause static in the markets that are poised to go higher. This Economic report coupled with German Elections could be good for emerging markets. Why? There are many situations and scenarios that are currently taking place that the U.S. Markets like. For instance Economic data coming out of Japan shows emerging markets that their is actually GDP growth that is significant enough to sway investors that Asian investment are absolute.

In relation to employment which is important data in the United States which again is the Economic driver of this scenario is experiencing growth in many sectors in which investors are heavily weighted. These include retail and manufacturing.


The Approach to stimulating the US economy is seeming to satisfy and soothe investor relations. This adopted form of Keynesian economics is off settings the much needed firm regulation brought on from a break down of previous reform that was implemented during the Glass Spiegel take over of reform. The dollar is sustainable because of the current market situations. Housing data does look as grim ads it seems because the market has not in fact reached its down ward end. When residential customers become competitive in the investor space of real estate the liquidity will be unmatched and the US economy could see significant positive growth that could keep it away from the detrimental talk of a DOWN GRADE.


The United States is lending a comfortable hand in securing monetary policy and keeping investment realms and instruments expanding. Emerging markets reflect this as the Indian and Mexican markets which include Brazil and South Korea have positive outlooks due to pricey value. China markets have seen production being supported by rising exports.

The current situation in the Middle East will again be welcomed and received as the investment world will see the end to yet another negative in a region responsible for the growth and sustainability that many nations depend on.

The Wide World of Trade Report


Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in SPY, MPWR over the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: Housing still significantly important to the growth of the US Economy