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Mineral Inventory


The global industry of minerals is of significant important to investors. IZ CORP EXCHANGE Companies are in the shopping stages of minerals. The hunt is on for the exposure to lithium. The futures speculator that this could be a global game changer in the energy space.

Companies such as ASID who's research of minerals brings in a trade of do inventories matter in the mineral space disclosed that they are buyers of lithium moving forward.


In 2011 mineral companies where hit with a shocking revelation that the mineral trade had to be managed to perfection as a result of global monopolies in the sector. Issue mcp was knocked down to the tune of over 65% from 2011 to 2012 despite positive ratings from retail rating agencies. This could be a guide moving forward of the different levels of speculation in the mineral field. Minerals may prove to be very valuable , but it is no game for amateurs just ask ISSUE mcp and the ratings they received.

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