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How The iGeneration = iCash

|Includes:AAPL, AMT, ARM Holdings, plc (ARMH), GOOG, SNE
Teens using mobile Internet much more, voice much less

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Very interesting article about kids using the mobile internet more and voice less. This is to me is just a another signal that this trend is here to stay.

My generation is loving these new features and the freedom to access facebook, youtube, and other sites we visit frequently from anywhere. We are going to expect more features and faster devices. This is where I think companies that make the components that make the mobile internet possible could be sitting on gold mines. One company I've been looking at, since it was mentioned on Jim Cramer's Mad Money, is Arm Holdings(NASDAQ:ARMH). They make the designs for the microchips for the products such as the iPhone and iPad.

Apple(NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google(NASDAQ:GOOG) could be the titans of this space. But I believe Google needs to really consider changing their model from making money on pay per click and look at other ways to make revenue. They need to do this before Apple makes the iPhone and iPad accessable to any network. If Google has not found a profitable way to exploit this new market they may fall into the same trap as Sony(NYSE:SNE) where they have great products but not great margins.

Also, cell phone providers are going to need to expand their capasity. This could be huge for companies that make towers. One example would be American Tower(NYSE:AMT).

Now is the time to take advantage of this new wave and there are so many ways to play it. Get money!

Disclosure: Long AAPL