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SVEN Another Awesome Stock?

I began trying to buy SVEN this morning at .17 where I only got filled with 200 shares there and bought the rest at .215

SVEN is currently up 133% this morning and spiking nicely on almost $10 million in dollar volume already

This is defiantly and and etc, etc next pick!

It remains to see if they stay with this one for a while, or if it just runs today and then collapses like the last bunch of picks they issue immediately after they have a pick they feature for a while.

If you are trading this you must watch this all day, as it could turn in a second!

Highlights of the company 507,850,000 shares outstanding

  • Brian Hammond (1) 275,000,000 54.1%
  • Harry Sutherland (2) 75,000,000 14.8%
  • All executive officers and directors as a group 68.9%

General Changes Resulting from the Acquisition. We have abandoned our prior business of selling wine varietals. We intend to carry on the business of IPL, as our primary line of business. We have relocated our principal executive offices to Suite 220 - 2 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 3DQ United Kingdom and our telephone number is 44 (0) 207 543 7720. Our website is at

Another London company, of course!

Our Business

Ilustrato Pictures Ltd. is a Canadian company created for the development of feature theatrical films to be financed and distributed domestically by Chinese production companies, and for international release. The principals of IPL have spent years developing a network in China to integrate the company into the Chinese business fabric to conduct business there; an option we believe is not available for most of Hollywood. IPL is set to make near term revenues in China and from worldwide film sales (Chinese box office, dvd, pay per view, etc.) and set to repatriate earned income to the public company via its wholly owned tax exempt offshore holding company affiliate. All projects will be guaranteed domestic Chinese box office distribution before actual production starts.

IPL's business plan is to earn revenues in China and from worldwide film sales through entertainment mediums such as the movie theater box-office, DVDs and pay-per-view television channels. The company will also provide movie pre-production services, which include writing original scripts, directing, and educating Chinese film companies on special effects and various film techniques. The company has made partnerships, agreements, and plans with various Chinese movie production companies to fund and co-develop featured films in China.

Market Overview and Competition

We generated $56,560 in cash from related party advances and $31,365 in loans during the five months ended September 30, 2012, and $275,457 in cash from related party advances and $179,071 in loans for the period from inception (August 29, 2011) to April 30, 2012.


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