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David Collum: 2014 Could Have Another Cyprus Bail In

|Includes:CEF, DIA, GLD, SLV, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St was able to interview Cornell chemistry professor and investor Dave Collum in this nearly hour long interview.

Link to interview:

Each year at the beginning of the year, Dave releases an insightful and in depth review of the previous year and a preview of the next year.

A link to Part I of Dave's review/preview can be found here:

This was also posted on Zero Hedge.

Before they talk about 2013, Jason asks Dave whether he thinks Keynesian Economics is a real science.

Dave then talks about 2013 and what he thinks were some of the most important things. Dave thinks stocks are way overvalued and are in a bubble along with bonds.

Jason then asks Dave if he thinks Keynesian ideology, central planning, market intervention and rent seeking have destroyed the American middle class.

Finally, Jason asks Dave what things he sees in 2014 including if there will be more losses of civil liberties, anymore Cyprus style bail-ins and whether this is the year the Fed loses control and markets and economies start to collapse.

To wrap up the discussion, Jason asks Dave about student loan debt and tuition prices and whether he thinks it's in a bubble considering he has first hand experience working most of his adult life in that industry.