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Dave Skarica: Market Crash Coming Soon

|Includes:3D Systems Corp. (DDD), DIA, GDX, GDXJ, IBB, QQQ, SPY, TWTR

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed investor, author, hedge fund manager and newsletter writer of Addicted to Profits,, Dave Skarica.

Dave has a new book out called Collapse!: How the Federal Reserve Created Another Stock Market Bubble and Why it Will Collapse. The book can be purchased for only $6 on Amazon Kindle or PDF here:

During this long, in depth 50+ minute interview/discussion into markets, Jason asks Dave how his views have changed since his last book, The Great Super Cycle: Profit from the Coming Inflation Tidal Wave and Dollar Devaluation was released in October 2010.

That book, which has great reviews on Amazon, can be purchased here:

Dave talks at length about his last book, how his views of the market have changed since the other doses of QE and now the most recent tapers and why he decided to come out with a new book.

Dave goes into great detail about his new book and how he sees very little value from a contrarian value investor perspective on the long side of the market. Dave talks about his investing role model, Sir John Templeton, who was one of the most successful investors ever.

Next, Dave talks about how he expects a large market crash in the near future where nearly all stocks will drop at least 30%. Jason and Dave discuss the lack of fundamentals driving market multiples higher in the last few years and Dave talks about industries he sees as good shorting candidates.

Jason and Dave talk about where there's still value in the markets. Dave says there is mostly only value in emerging markets, commodities and precious metals.

Jason and Dave go in depth which commodities they like and they talk about the gold mining industry and how prices must go higher soon off real supply/demand fundamentals or many miners will go bankrupt in 12 months or less.

Dave wraps up the interview by talking about his hedge fund (which, unfortunately, Americans cannot invest in) and his newsletters, Addicted to Profits and Maximum Pessimism.

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