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Dr. John L. Faessel is a seasoned and respected Wall Street professional with industry-wide recognition for expertise in market strategy and analysis. He is widely recognized for his insights in public companies. For over 20-years Dr. Faessel’s ON THE MARKET reports have been widely distributed... More
  • STAR SCIENTIFIC - Where We're Going...The Financial Model  4 comments
    Sep 10, 2012 12:56 PM | about stocks: RCPI

    Dr. John L. Faessel


    Commentary and Insights

    # 3 Addenda to: Where we've been & where we're going...


    Where we're going...The Financial Model

    In the USA alone over 70 million thyroid prescriptions are written at a value of about $2 billion; it's the 4th most prescribed prescriptions for the disease.

    Within a couple of weeks Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is said to be releasing results of a human thyroid study. The study is funded in part by the Walton Family Foundation and is being performed in nine (9) clinical sites in Michigan, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida.

    A financial model I received (developed by a big mutual fund that holds over a million of Star shares) details the benefits that would accrue to Star if the thyroid sufferer would take 12 Anatabloc™ a day, at a cost approximately $1,900 a year.

    In the USA there are 20 million people being treated for thyroid disease - if 2% (400,000 individuals) use Anatabloc™ (assuming a PE of 20) you get a stock price of $31. If 5% use the non prescription nutritional supplement you get a stock price of $84s. If 10% take it stock price would be $171. If 20% use it the model says you get a stock price of $345.00.

    Keep in mind that this in only in the USA and it's only addressing thyroid illness. As followers of the Anatabloc™ science knows the nutritional supplement is believed to be effective in 100's of other conditions.

    For a copy of the 'thyroid' financial model please request a copy:

    It gets better; Let's first presume that half of the thyroid patients couldn't afford it, but wouldn't a Big Pharma, say a Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) / Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY) or a Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) be very interested in taking Stars natural supplement of anatabine/ (Anatabloc™) and rush it through the FDA as the financial reimbursement would be tremendous as another 10 million thyroid sufferers would be taking the supplement? It's a Slam dunk to me...

    So I think a big partner will show up relatively soon after the results are posted.

    I believe that the published Johns Hopkins results will have a positive effect, not only enhancing and advancing the thyroid science, but also provide a major and positive effect on the shares of Star Scientific.

    Also of note: It is estimated by analyst Otis Bradley (Gilford Securities) that, "treatment of thyroid diseases using Star's Anatabine technology could cause sales of Star's Anatabloc anti-inflammatory tablet (now on the market over-the-counter) to skyrocket from virtually nothing today to an annual run-rate over $400 million (with profit of $200 million or $1.00 per share) in 2013."

    Is it any wonder that Institutional Ownership of STSI / (former CIGX) continues to ramp ever higher? See today's posting (9/10/2012) of a new high in Institutional Ownership.

    Ownership Analysis

    # of Holders


    Total Shares Held:



    New Positions:



    Increased Positions:



    Decreased Positions:



    Holders With Activity:



    Sold Out Positions:



    If you're not familiar with research history of Anatabloc™ here you go: A quick history of 'tobacco' research; in 2004 Dr. Paul Ladenson, Director of the Division of Endocrinology at Johns Hopkins conducted studies among a group of flight attendants and found reduction of thyroiditis / Hashimoto's disease related to inhalation of second hand cigarette smoke. In 2007 Dr. Honglei Chen in a compilation of 11 other tobacco / nicotine studies that were compiled in a Harvard School of Public Health study showed that smokers were 73% less likely to suffer from Parkinson's than those who didn't smoke. Next in the timeline, Stars CEO Jonnie Williams determined that one of the 4000 chemicals in tobacco /nicotine, namely anatabine, reduced the urge to smoke. What Star found was that the anatabine-based compound had many/now hundreds, of other beneficial effects. A central part of the Anatabine (that evolved into Anatabloc™) narrative occurs when Jonnie Williams wife is facing serious thyroid surgery because of his advanced thyroiditis; Williams then suggests to the Johns Hopkins surgeons that he would have his wife take some of the companies, (now determined to be anti-inflammatory) anatabine compound. Amazingly, her thyroiditis was healed. The "Ah Ha!" moment was at hand. Johns Hopkins then became very interested and they began their thyroid research. A surging accumulation of confirming data began to occur largely from the Roskamp Institute, conducting research using anatabine on Alzheimer's disease, gastroenterology, rheumatology, cancer, auto-immune diseases (lupus), and cardio-atherogenesis (the process of atheromatous plaque development in arteries), among other conditions. Recall that at a meeting at the Roskamp Institute I attended in June 2011, Dr. Ladenson stated that, "aside from RCP-006 (anatabine - now Star's Anatabloc™) there is no known compound that stops thyroiditis."

    Essential to grasp is that the recent Roskamp and Johns Hopkins research confirms that anatabine / (Stars) Anatabloc™: 1. is anti-inflammatory. 2. Lowers C-reactive Protein [CRP] levels in an Alzheimer's model in mice. 3. Inhibits NF-kB activation. NF-kB is the master regulator of inflammatory molecules such as cox-2.

    If you would like a full copy (in pdf format) of the Johns Hopkins abstract, "Anatabine Ameliorates Experimental Autoimmune Thyroiditis" (containing colored slides / graphs and electron microscopy of the genes) from the journal, Endocrinology. Request a copy:

    The Johns Hopkins thyroid research has also been funded by a fellowship from the Uehara Memorial Foundation (Tokyo, Japan).

    Re the above mentioned effect of Anatabloc™ on CRP: In January Star announced that it had completed a successful human clinical trial showing that Anatabloc™ lowers chronic inflammation as measured by C-reactive protein [CRP] levels in human subjects' blood.

    Elevated blood levels of C-reactive protein [CRP] are a marker of disease due to inflammation. My cardiologist tells me that a high CRP is actually predictive of a heart attack. The New England Journal of Medicine says that, "C-reactive protein is an inflammatory marker believed to be of value in the prediction of coronary events." The American Heart Association website says that, "individuals with elevated levels of CRP have a risk about 2 to 3 times higher than the risk of those with low levels. Over a dozen major studies demonstrate that baseline levels of CRP in apparently healthy men and women are highly predictive of future risk of heart attack, stroke, sudden cardiac death, and the development of peripheral arterial disease."

    See last week's Wall Street Journal re Heart Disease, Inflammation / CRP etc: Trying a New Line of Attack in Heart Disease: (Published September 4, 2012)

    Watch the anti-inflammatory action of Anatabine / Anatabloc™;

    Disclosure: I'm an investor in Star Scientific shares and have bought shares on the open market and have no affiliation with the company other than as a shareholder.

    To view the Anatabloc™ website;

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  • silence_twain
    , contributor
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    I have read the Gilford report and the idea of this company doing $400 million in revenue and $1 in earnings next year is laughable. If this company even earns $0.01 next year, it will be the first time ever that it was profitable. People need to wake up and realize we are dealing with an OTC dietary supplement that deals with inflammation. There are already numerous types of product like this on the market. By the way, what happened to that enormous settlement with Reynolds that STSI was suppossed to get? I am shocked that Reynolds was likely unwilling to settle with someone whose patents they did NOT infringe upon.
    11 Sep 2012, 10:31 AM Reply Like
  • Retirefund
    , contributor
    Comments (757) | Send Message
    Been doing due dilligence lately on STSI. I think their product may well be a game changer. Yes there are lots of anti-inflamatorys in the OTC market, but absolutely none with the same qualities (and extreme potential) of Anatabine. I plan on averaging in on dips.
    I also plan on using the product as soon as I can get some.
    11 Sep 2012, 06:06 PM Reply Like
  • naro
    , contributor
    Comments (15) | Send Message
    22 Jan 2014, 10:05 AM Reply Like
  • Labman01
    , contributor
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    Everyone I know that is taking Antabloc only have incredible positive results to report, and this is a lot of people. I am in no way a guru in the stock market, I hear that shorts borrow their stocks, do everything they can to run the stock in the grown, then buy and talk extremely positive so it will shoot up again, they then sell to repay the borrowed stocks and what ever terms they have worked out. Why else would anyone bad mouth Star Scientific? Are these people just punks just trying to destroy a good thing for others? Or are they Self-centered greedy creepy individuals? I have recently heard that shorts have paid a individual to do nothing but post on blogs everywhere, lies to run Star down. In a way it's humorous, these jerks have no idea what is happening at John Hopkins, Rosekemp, along with funding by The Walton Foundation, than anyone else, they know nothing. Another interesting false statement by shorts was the $5 Million settlement. There is not one suggestion that $5 million was the total settlement. The mere fact that R J Reynolds did pay ONE PAYMENT OF $ 5 MILLION to Star tells a huge story about what is yet to come. a book to be released called Lies Of The Shorts Are Stealing Your Retirement Money. Yes, everyone knows that your making money on a daily basis from honest people by stealing. So why not just get rid of your little 21 year old punk that's being dictated to, by the sad creepy greedy shorts, and let a company finish their studies on a great medical discovery that just maybe, someone in your family could benefit from, a mother, wife or child, or do you really even care? Maybe you think you'll be able to buy them a new Thyroid after the cancerous one is removed with all your money your stealing from others. Star Scientific, Rosekemp, John Hopkins, Dr. John Faessel, and the Walton Family Foundation are a hell of a lot smarter than you numb nuts ever will be. Your so stupid obvious
    2 Nov 2012, 04:03 PM Reply Like
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