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Coca-Cola Is A Overvalued House Of Cards

|Includes:The Coca-Cola Company (KO), PEP

The Following Report is brought to you by Houdini Equity Research:

Coca-Cola Company is long known to be a wordwide brand with without equal and to have premium pricing power. However the brand is rapidly deteriating and the switch to healthier drinks and juices is lessening demand for their brands.a of lowered growth leads credibility to the possibility of the shares having a intrisic value much lower.

Reasons Why This Company is worth no more than 40 dollars a share is as follows:

Consumer Preference Shift
Consumers are shifting to juices and smoothies more and more leading
studies are showing  that this consumer shift is leading to a slowdown in growth.

Substantial Debt Load

Total Debt is more than 14 billion giving the company a net debt position.

Managment Lacks Vision

Managment has made no substantial efforts to enhance or sustain growth in recent years.

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Disclosure: I am long KO.

Stocks: KO, PEP