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Jeff Mirkin has been trading penny stocks for 12 years and is an expert in microcap securities.
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  • Best Penny Stock Newsletter 8 comments
    Jan 22, 2013 7:17 AM

    So you've entered or decided to enter the OTC i.e. the Penny Stock Market - did you know that penny stocks include all stocks that are traded at less than $5 and not just those stocks that are traded in pennies? The best penny stock newsletter (ours of course), not only brings to light the best penny stock to invest in, we also regularly bring to light little nuggets of information that are of value to our penny stock investors.

    Most companies start small while others due to various economic constraints or mismanagement end up small for a while. Many of these companies that get caught in the penny stock net are there only temporarily. Once they receive finance or the management is overhauled, these stocks trade higher and are no longer traded on the OTC. Those who were fortunate enough to buy up these penny stocks while they were still available for pennies end up making a small (or large) pile of cash.

    Our best penny stock newsletter therefore is one that keeps a sharp lookout for such companies and informs its investors on the best time to snatch the stocks.

    The best penny stock newsletter is also one that is constantly on the lookout for pump-and-dump operations and puts out a 'keep clear' notice as soon as it finds stocks that are being propped up on dubious grounds.

    Our staff is divided into small groups each tasked with a specific purpose such as looking out for good companies that are facing economic hardships, or looking out for promising startups or conducting trend analysis on promising stocks to make sure the upswing is supported by genuine reasons, then we have a group that looks at the trading charts to see if there have been any noticeable trading patterns and so on.

    Our Best Penny Stock newsletter is a comprehensive, well researched resource for investors interested in penny stocks. It not only provides information about the current best penny stocks traded on the market, it also provides a 'watch list' for stocks that are likely to become attractive to penny stock investors.

    From time to time we also write articles on the basic principles of penny stock investing and how to do it safely. Our website also contains additional resources and research tools to provide you comprehensive information on penny stocks.

    Without our best penny stock newsletter, trading in Good penny stocks would be like gambling with a slot machine.

    We also inform you how to diversify your investment so that your portfolio is more robust and does not buckle when unfair weather hits a particular industry.

    For those who are about to enter the penny stock market, we say "Welcome" but please keep away if you are entering the market as a last ditch effort to make money. Never engage in penny stock trade if you are not ready to lose the money you've invested. Always participate in most valuable stock market forums as well as finance boards. Due to the very nature of the penny stock market, verifiable information is often hard to come by and even we make mistakes. But overall, our best penny stock newsletter not only provides you valuable information, it also acts as a safety net ensuring that you only invest in penny stocks that have been well researched and are likely to turn good profits.

    We daily catalog the top penny stock picks sent out by newsletters, and offer tools to browse the stock picks they select.

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  • viper_man29
    , contributor
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    I've done a lot of research on this company and they are just about to go into production with drilling. Buy in well the stock is at a low buy in!
    I just got a high volume at $0.14. They could be sitting at over $1 within the year!!!

    28 Feb 2013, 05:24 PM Reply Like
  • rjones8004
    , contributor
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    I find that signing up to a good stock alert newsletter has helped tremendously. They let you know when a stock is about to skyrocket based on their research and when the best time is to get in to make the most money. My personal favorite is
    8 Sep 2013, 08:52 AM Reply Like
  • FalconStocks
    , contributor
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    100% Bunk. These guys are paid to pick a stock. This is a Google link article, that's all.


    They research and look out for good companies? Nope. Their disclaimer says they are paid to publicize. So, that's a lie.


    Their newsletter is "comprehensive, well researched resource for investors interested in penny stocks"? Nope. Their disclaimer says they do no research and rely on the company to provide that.
    Another lie.


    "constantly on the lookout for pump-and-dump operations"? They are one.


    I guess when you're not intelligent enough, you have to lie to make a living.
    5 Nov 2013, 05:00 AM Reply Like
  • Halden.C
    , contributor
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    @FalconStocks, I believe you're misguided as to how the industry works. Yes, promoters are paid to "tout" or promote stocks, but it all depends on the promoter as a person that makes a difference.. If stock promoters get paid because they have a loyal following, then it makes sense for them to protect their investors, as it is their number one asset and selling point. If they screw their investors (which some do, for whatever reason) then they don't have much of a service to provide- meaning no one will hire them. You just have to research which promoters are greedy, and which ones aren't. Good promoters make enough money to the point where they don't need to promote just any stock that could harm the investors, and in turn, hurt themselves in the long-run.
    6 Dec 2013, 03:07 PM Reply Like
  • FalconStocks
    , contributor
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    I've been doing this long enough to not be fooled by a reasonable sounding (but also 100% bunk) explanation.


    Their readers? Please, they need to attract hundreds and thousands constantly because they do get screwed. Those in the know can trade the reco's and know when to bail, but they target thousands of individual investors who do not know (on purpose) they are paid and it's a promotion. They make it SOUND like they've done research and really, truly believe they like that stock.


    OK... Let's see if ANY of those 'free' sites will do this: Not take cash... take only shares as payment and with a LOCK-UP. They cannot buy/sell any shares until one week AFTER their promotion stops.


    Do you think any of them would take that deal?
    If the answer is no... then your comment is more bunk.


    If they cared about their followers, they would do what we do. Yeah, they'd make a lot less, but that would be the right thing to do for the readers.


    Answer me this... do you know of ANY free penny promoter that REFUSED to take $$ to promote a stock because it was not a good long-term investment for their followers?


    I thought not.


    We've been offered cash over and over to promote or to sell our reader's emails, etc... We've refused and ignored every single one. True, I do not have a flashy car, a helicopter or anything like that... but we're not trying to steal money. We're just making an HONEST living.


    Not much of that around anymore, unfortunately.
    20 May 2014, 08:35 PM Reply Like
  • FalconStocks
    , contributor
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    Just one comment? I am guessing with that smooth sounding comment (much better than most used car salesmen) you work for or have a newsletter.


    If so, why not put "We are paid to promote this stock." on the front page, up top, so everyone can see? I dare ya!
    20 May 2014, 08:35 PM Reply Like
  • User 29275845
    , contributor
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    I have dabbled in this market on a few occasions and enjoy some of the plays. I have found one newsletter, although they are paid, does a great job of researching and provide the verifiable and critical info that I look for. From what I can see they do not participate in the gap and trap or pump and dump companies either. They profile good companies with a legitimate business model.


    Link below if your interested.

    11 Nov 2014, 11:48 AM Reply Like
  • hjllc0102030405
    , contributor
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    Why NSAV is a 40X–84X Value vs. Current Price
    From the latest press on “Marijuana Play” NSAV dated June 9, 2015:
    “Pyrotree is pleased to report that in the past 45 days, it has more than doubled the number of clients that have enrolled in Webjoint.” Mr. Abrahamian continued, “We increased the number of clients from 188, as previously reported, to 403 clients, as of yesterday’s close of business. “This is a clear indication of the strength and popularity of our product platform within our industry space, and our projections for future business development and increased revenue generation are expanding, and we remain optimistic on our short term and intermediate expectations”.
    1. 215 new clients over a 45 day period or 4.77 per day.
    2. 4.77 new clients per day = 2,146 total clients over a rolling 12 months.
    3. That’s at today’s awareness level. Once this “high demand” product line is marketed more heavily, 3000 clients is a reasonable expectation.
    4. 2.146 clients at an average income of $250.00 per month is $6,438,000 in annual revenue.
    5. 3,000 clients at the same average is $9,000,000 in revenue.
    $6,438,000 at a 25% margin times a P/E of 15 = a .0085 value or 40 times the current .0002.
    $9,000,000 at a 35% margin times a P/E of 16 = a .0168 value or 84 times the current .0002.


    Help get the word out. Copy, paste and share this on two boards today.
    10 Jun 2015, 12:07 PM Reply Like
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