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LTCH Is A Pump And Dump.

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LTCH is a Pump and Dump!

Lets take it all the way to the beginning. LTCH started in the spa industry. See below straight from here

Offices located here

Now lets get to the good part.

In LTCH S-1 filings it shows that there are 25,000,000 shares owned by foreigners see picture below.

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All Shares are owned at .01 or below. Straight from their S-1 filings

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Do the math.

25,000,000 shares purchased for a total of $250,000 . At LTCH current inflated share price of 1.06 those shares are now worth a nice $26,500,000.

There is only one problem. You can't make money until you sell your shares. If there is no one buying you can't sell.

Amazing how all of a sudden LTCH has trading volume.

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Makes you think why all of the sudden so much interest? That's simple. Promotional campaign is underway by a promoter with one of the worse track records! See for yourself here

Read it all if you can stomach all the bs. I usually make my way to the bottom, the most important part, the disclaimer.

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It's the same old story over and over again. The seed shareholders have a boat load of shares at ridiculously low prices. The stock never trades so how can they turn their paper(their shares) into cash? Simple pay a promoter a sum of $600,000 dollars to disseminate over hyped projections for the company in an email campaign.

CFM handles the budget. Look at all the pump emails I have gotten so far on LTCH

16 emails in my inbox 50 emails in my spam folder(picture below of spam folder).

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How will the LTCH story play out?

Just like the rest of their promotions. Suckers who buy LTCH lose and the insiders laugh all the way to the bank.

Interested in some of their past promotions?

(Charts below its pretty evident where the promotion began by looking at the volume.)

Here are some

$NECA $2,100,000 budget

Insiders win, Suckers lose.

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$AEDC $1,700,000 budget

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STNT $1,275,000 budget

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LTCH $600,000 budget

Will you be the sucker the insiders are looking to sell to? I hope not because LTCH will most likely follow the pattern of their other pumps. They will eventually dump.

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Disclosure: I am short LTCH.OB.

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