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Estate Planning Not Just For The Wealthy

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On our most recent radio broadcast, Jason Salinardi, estate planning attorney and co-founder of BridgeBuilder-Plans for Life, joined us to discuss the importance of developing a proper estate plan so that both your family and financial goals are met after you pass away. While this can, without a doubt, be an uncomfortable subject to discuss, there are potentially significant negative ramifications to your surviving family if you fail to put an appropriate plan in place. On the show, we discussed what an estate plan looks like, why it's important, and what you can do now to start putting your own plan in place. We also explained why estate planning is not just for wealthy individuals - it's something that is applicable to anyone with assets or a family to consider. At The ETF Store, we work with some of the best and brightest partners to ensure that our clients have access to the right professional services - whether that's professional accounting, mortgage or real estate needs, or estate planning. The ETF Store is completely independent and just like with our investment selection, we're free to select what we believe is best for our clients to help them reach their financial goals.

In our weekly ETF Spotlight segment, we discussed a broad based commodity Exchange Traded Note (the ELEMENTS Rogers International Commodity ETN - ticker RJI) and explained the role of commodities in a well-diversified portfolio. In our opinion, far too many investors do not have enough uncorrelated assets in their investment portfolio. They simply have a cookie-cutter portfolio containing stocks and bonds. We believe this lack of uncorrelated assets can increase the volatility, and therefore risk, of a portfolio. Alternative assets such as commodities can offer diversification benefits and also serve as an inflation hedge. Learn more about RJI at

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