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InVivo Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ:NVIV), is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and formerly went by Design Source, Inc. until October 2010. InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. is in the market of coming up with new ways to treat spinal cord injuries. This company plans to come out with three products to produce.

In the market right now, there are no treatments that would fully restore use after a spinal cord injury. NVIV focuses on neuroprotection. This means that when a spinal cord is injured, this technology would protect the spinal cord itself by limiting the bleeding, inflammation, and any further cell death. Cell death is caused from the body's immune response to the injury. If these reactions to the injury were minimized, the body can work toward the recovery process through the spared health tissue.

The technology used by NVIV uses biomaterials, FDA approved drugs, and human neural stem cells. The three products that NVIV plans to market are a biocompatible polymer scaffolding device to treat acute spinal cord injuries, a biocompatible hydrogel for local controlled release of methylprednisolone to treat acute spinal cord injuries, and biocompatible polymer scaffolding device seeded with autologous human neural stem cells to treat acute and chronic spinal cord injuries.

Currently the stock for NVIV is trading at $2.05. Over the past 52 weeks this company has seen a low trade o f $1.25 and a high up to $2.94. The market cap for this company is at $135M. The previous close was at $2.00.

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