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Weekly Outlook, 3-19

|Includes:BBY, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), HGG, NCI, NRG, SPY, TRLG
I entered the market actively this week as shares sold off due to crisis in Japan. With the smell of fear in the air, I perked up and began looking for opportunities, especially in Japan. I found none. Of the handful of Japanese companies on the NYSE, none of them had taken big enough hits to warrant investing. My position in Best Buy has held at its support level. I also enter a long position in HH Gregg [HGG] on Monday as I began to see signs of a bottom. This bottom has held. I exited my trade in ABV because it hasn't gone anywhere, and it was designed as a trade and not as an investment. I used that money to buy Google, which has taken a hit recently and is sitting on support around $555. I see this as a low-risk trade, and it isn't a huge one. I put real money behind Best Buy and HH Gregg, but not Google as I didn't have any more available cash in my real portfolio. Here are the standings for the model portfolio:
Total Value: $121,113.30
Cash: $478.32
Best Buy [BBY]: 700 Shares
HH Gregg [HGG]: 1,580 Shares
Google: [GOOG]: 23 Shares
Navigant: [NCI]: 3,000 Shares
NRG Energy: [NRG]: 680 Shares
True Religion: [TRLG]: 1,000 Shares
The overall market is down, and I see no signs of a bottom anytime soon unless the last two days of this week are the start of one, which I doubt. All of my positions aren't likely to sell off in a major way, so I'm not too worried. My macro view has become much more bearish this week.