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Stock Picks [update]

|Includes:China Education Alliance, Inc. (CEAI), CSGH, DCP, TRLG

      Although my picks haven't done fantastic since I recommended them a few days ago, I stand by them. However, it is worth updating what I said. CEU is a fantastic company with great growth that looks attractive at it's current price. However, the market looks like it will turn sour pretty soon, and a falling tide beaches most of the boats so I'm waiting to buy it. CSGH is also great, but it is under support levels and is looking ready to take a dive. I will look to buy it up again on the cheap in a few months. DCP is looking good. It gapped up and out of it's prior trading range. However today  it moved down and may well test the support at 10 again before it moves up. Yesterday DCP gapped up out of it's previous trading range. Today it gapped up above the intermediate trendline and then fell back to the support level, a bullish signal. I own DCP and plan to hold it until it really moves up again or the market moves down significantly. TRLG looks about ready to turn. There may be a rise to 32, the next major resistance level, meaning that this is a period of consolidation, but it is much more likely that this is the turning of TRLG and it will fall up to 45% in the coming weeks.

Disclosure: I am long DCP & CSGH.OB, but plan to exit CSGH.OB and sell TRLG short