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Market Tracker, 8-21

|Includes:American Pacific Corporation (APFC), ATW, FXI, INFY, SPY

 The market was bearish in another red week this week. It seems that the market has more or less stopped trending. I'm not terribly thrilled with the market right now. I'm still bullish on APFC, although it may fall down to 4 if the overall market goes sour. ATW has lost money for me since I bought it this week, and I think I might get stopped out of it. I'll have to wait for a slightly lower re-entry point if that happens. INFY is a little too expensive. I'm in the black, and I'm going to hang on for now and see what happens. I'm not particularly bullish or bearish right now. I am, as always, cautious of the next two months.

Disclosure: Long APFC, ATW, INFY