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FirstAlert(tm) NYSE-NASDAQ-AMEX Money Index Synopsis

|Includes:ABIO, ATAC, C, FINL, IOC, SPY, inVentiv Health, Inc. (VTIV), WHI, XLF
March 29, 2010 (FinancialWire) (Summary of March 26, 2010’s Session) -- The FirstAlert(tm) Money Index Synopsis is an indicator of the depth of market direction or indirection. While not always including the same stocks, the combined NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX 24 Most Actives and combined NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX greatest Percentage Losers and Percentage Winners (weighted against pure monetary loss/gain) indicate the direction in which the mass of money is flowing, as well as the general focus of the market.
Of last session’s Greatest Percentage Winners, stocks making the greatest monetary gains were led by consumer discretionary/specialty retail company The Finish Line, Inc. (NASDAQ: FINL) trading on volume of 1,214,329 (gaining $118.1 million), healthcare provider & services company inVentiv Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: VTIV) trading on volume of 854,171 (gaining $84.8 million) and healthcare/biotech company ARCA Biopharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: ABIO) trading on volume of 10,340,493 (gaining $42.4 million).
Of last session’s Greatest Percentage Losers, stocks taking the greatest monetary losses were led by oil & gas company InterOil Corp. (NYSE: IOC) trading on volume of 1,686,800 shares (losing $319.0 million), commercial banks company W Holding Company, Inc. (NYSE: WHI) trading on volume of 30,600 shares (losing $202.6 million), and consumer electronics logistics services and engineering solutions to the ATC Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: ATAC) trading on volume of 358,207 shares (losing $121.0 million).
Of the Most Actives, last session’s trading showed 13 advancers versus 11 decliners. Volume leaders were led by diversified financial services company Citigroup, Inc. (NYSE: C) trading 59,872,300 shares closing at $4.31 (up 0.9%), the SPDR Financial Select Sector ETF (NYSE: XLF) trading 53,286,713 shares closing at $16.00 (up 0.1%) and the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE: SPY) trading 39,616,218 shares closing at $116.58 (down 0.51%).
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