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Quacera Monthly Market Radar

The Market ended the month with the S&P 500 index trading 8.5% above its 200 day SMA and up 6.96% so far in 2012. This also raised the index slightly above the last 3 short term tops in February, April & July of 2011. The July peak led to a 20% sell off that bottomed in October, 2011 at 1074.77. The Quacera QPM Radar™ of the ETF Universe we follow remains at 96.97% positive. Obviously this does not give the market much room for improvement and is a sign that we are well overbought. Our Composite YTD report, via @slideshare, shows the positive signals are producing a 10.74% average gain and our negative signals have generated -6.98% which translates to a gain for short traders. We remain dedicated to providing our subscribers with the tools to navigate these treacherous markets as well as providing our Asset Management Clients with a positive risk adjusted return.

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