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Can This Microcap Company Be The Next Waste Management Play In The Micro World?

|Includes:VuQo Holdings Corporation (VUQO)

VuQo Holdings Corporation (OTC:VUQO), a diversified holdings company that acquires up and competetive Philippine Based companies to include in it's portfolio of acquisitions recently announced their biggest bet to date, a solid waste management company in Manila, Waste Management Asia a provider of Solid Waste management that converts trash into Organic Soil through an All Stock Transaction.

Below are the Highlights/ details of the Press Release and my thoughts in this recent undertaking:

VuQo Holdings Corporation ( PINKSHEETS : VUQO ) announced the completion of its acquisition and terms of the transaction of Waste Management Asia Corporation under which VuQo Holdings Corporation will own all of its outstanding shares via an all-stock transaction.

In my opinion, VUQO should be indicating how many shares in total were executed in this agreement so investors will have a keen understanding on how much it can affect the company's fundamental structure. As of date and as per OTC Markets, VUQO Holdings Comprised of the following:


Share Structure

Market Value1 $4,475,733 a/o Dec 12, 2012
Shares Outstanding 79,923,808 a/o Jun 30, 2012
Float 14,141,758 a/o Apr 10, 2012
Authorized Shares 100,000,000 a/o Dec 31, 2011
Par Value 0.001

VuQo's board of directors has also authorized to include full separation of VuQo Beverages and El Coco Wine and Spirits Distillery through a spin-off and will become private companies

My question is this, How would this spin off work out for us current shareholders of the company, if any changes would occur would we be still compensated should the previous offer for VuQo Premium Vodka Occur?

I would have to note that $VUQO has recieved an offer estimated to be valued in the region of 30-40 Million USD from Mackay Group back October of 2011. Should the suspension of this transaction get lifted, would shareholders have the right to partake in profits of the proceeds and for how much?

Ms. Felicitas Garcia is stepping down as Chief Financial Officer and will be replaced by Mr. Angel Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales is a Certified Public Accountant, who brings over two decades of experience in public and corporate accounting. He will be responsible for VuQo's global finance functions including financial analysis, tax, internal controls, and audit, treasury, and investor relations.

Would this change mean a significant change in the current trading/ reporting status of VUQO and would this significance be more of an indication that VUQO can be fully reporting and will stay out of the pinks?

Overall, the change that VUQO is heading towards at in my opinion is highly positive considering the Market of waste management, as the new press release suggest based on actual facts present in the solid waste management industry:

Solid Waste Industry is a $55 billion dollar market generated from volume of wastes collected and recycled commodities including paper, plastic and steel according to Waste Business Journal's Waste Market Overview & Outlook 2012. Environmental Research and Education Foundation published by R.W. Beck also details the industry's contribution of over $96 billion that created 948,000 jobs which is over one percent of U.S. GDP to the nation's economy involving all direct, indirect and induced effects from solid waste industry activities. That being said, VuQo Holdings Corporation has already lined up organizations in the hauling operations and solid waste facilities both private and in public sectors to potentially diversify its portfolio.

I will conduct further analysis in this security changes. As far as I am concerned, with this significance, I may retain my position or posssibly acquire more shares of VUQO should my questions get answered.

Disclosure: I am long OTC:VUQO.

Additional disclosure: Do your own Due Diligence in these stock ideas before making a decision to purchase stock for possibility of you loosing all your money is high when you consider to partake in my aggressive positions.

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