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Daily Trading Volume Figures Confirm Top In Gold On 2/18/14, While Weekly Trading Volume Figures Also Point To A Top Being Formed

|Includes:DUST, VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), GDXJ, GLD, JDST, JNUG, NUGT

Anyone who has been following my blog knows how I predicted a top in gold and gold miners for Tuesday, 2/18/14, before it occurred, click here, and here. I then wrote two articles after 2/18/14, click here and here, where I explain why I feel Tuesday was a significant topping day of the current rally and why I want to still own the leveraged bearish gold mining ETF (NYSEARCA:DUST) in the short-term, (and despite the weak close on Friday).

Michael Noonan's Article Hits The Bulls-Eye

Today, there was an outstanding article written by Michael Noonan of Edge Trader Plus, click here. In the article, (you can skip the first 18 paragraphs of background fluff to get to the meat of the article: the charts), Michael Noonan discusses recent trading action in both gold and silver. He starts out with the weekly gold chart and notes that we have closed higher for three straight weeks, and the highest volume was this past week. However, April 2014 gold futures closed up only $4.90. The weekly range was only $21.50, ranging from a high of $1330.60, and a low of $1309.10. This is one of the tightest weekly ranges you will see in gold. With the increased volume, it means buy orders were met with an abundance of sell orders that prevented much progress to the upside. This could foretell trouble for bulls in the next couple weeks.

Then Michael Noonan shows the April 2014 gold futures daily chart and reminds us that gold made higher lows for 12 days, and that 12th day (Tuesday, 2/18/14) had the greatest volume. That was the high for the week, as smart money was selling into the rally at $1330. He then covers silver and explains how silver also had a tight weekly range on very high volume, again making very little progress to the upside. On the daily chart, silver's high volume day as well as price day, came on (you guessed it), Tuesday 2/18/14. Mr. Noonan explains why the chart action of silver is much less constructive (bearish) than the gold chart, and feels that silver might lead the precious metals lower. Silver stopped rallying right where one would have expected it too, and has significant resistance here and a dollar higher.

My Thoughts Going Forward

Regarding gold, we completed an evening star doji pattern on the weekly chart this week. However, to confirm the pattern, next week has to be a long black candle formed by a move lower. That may occur or it may not. I believe it will. But even if I am wrong, there is more resistance at $1340 and again at $1360 to overcome and one of these levels should stop the gold rally dead in its tracks. Once gold hits resistance at $1330, $1340 or $1360, I will be playing for a $40 to $60 selloff and correction in the gold mining stocks, to levels I have mentioned in my previous blogs. From $1275 to $1290 in gold, I intend to switch back into NUGT for a retest of the highs that I anticipate will likely be taken out, as gold rallies up to $1400 and possibly higher.

For the time being, I will continue to add to my DUST position on dips and continue to sell out partially on rallies, and am very confident that a decent sized DUST rally is right around the corner.


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Disclosure: I am long DUST.