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Press Release: Vincent McCrudden Re-Files $232 Million Lawsuit Against CFTC, NFA, NAC And Finra

Date: April 10, 2013

Mr. Vincent McCrudden today announced the resubmission of his $232 million dollar lawsuit ( District of Columbia 12-cv-01312) against the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), National Adjudicatory Council (NYSE:NAC), Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and its senior officials including Gary Gensler at the CFTC, Richard Ketchum at Finra and Dan Roth and Dan Driscoll at the NFA.

McCrudden had to dismiss the lawsuit in August 2012 to comply with an "exhaustion of remedies process" required of all citizens in TORT Claims naming federal employees in a lawsuit. This law basically gives the Government a head start and free look at any and all complaints which they eventually deny 99% of the time. The CFTC was the only agency or official to respond to the complaint and not surprisingly, denied McCrudden's claim on February 1, 2013.

McCrudden has worked on Wall Street for 25 years. He has either executed or traded hundreds of billions of dollars of financial instruments during his career for the largest financial institutions in the world. He has NEVER had a customer complaint in his entire career. In 2008 and 2009, McCrudden ran a successful hedge fund and produced an astonishing 138% net audited return. With a 99.6% return in 2008, McCrudden's fund was ranked as one of the best performing multi-strategy funds in the world according to independent database including and BLOOMBERG.

McCrudden has been harassed, targeted, defamed, libeled, slandered and persecuted for sixteen years and counting by numerous US Financial Regulators. McCrudden has testified in front of the CFTC about abuses only to be ignored by then Chairman, Reuben Jefferey III, and then astonishingly pursued harder. He has written formal and polite letters to the regulators only to be ignored. He has written and met with Senators McCain, Schumer, Gillabrand and Clinton. He has written Senate and House Financial Services and Judicial Committees. He has written and met with Congressman Bishop, King, Maloney, McCarthy, Israel and Ackerman. He has written the FBI, US Attorney's Office, Ombudsman, Inspector General's, Project on Government Oversight, ACLU and Federal and State Offices on Civil Rights violations including Homeland Security, only to be ignored. In response to being sued for $58mm for a "simple registration violation"(EDNY 10-cv-5567) in December 2010, McCrudden was charged, denied bail, and eventually plead guilty to violating a law regarding sending threatening communications. McCrudden defends the communication as "aggressive and forceful" as protected speech, and defends his innocence in sending an email to the NFA. McCrudden was extorted to plead guilty after being told he faced, "twenty years or more in jail" which was not accurate. He accepted the Governments offer of 21-27 months of incarceration for a plea of guilty only to learn later the Government was not binded by their offer. McCrudden served out his sentence on January 23, 2013 after serving 28 months. He has since written a book about the 16 year ordeal and self published it on Amazon titled, "Vincent McCrudden - True Storyline: How US Regulators Destroyed A Life and Career for Sport." (

Among the specifics named in the current complaint:

- McCrudden is knowingly and deliberately harassed by the CFTC, NFA, Finra and NAC

- These top regulatory agencies colluded amongst themselves to destroy McCrudden's career and life including telling Congressman Ackerman's office that, "they want me" in response to why they are in pursuit of McCrudden

- Monitor and watch a website owned by McCrudden's former company in 2010, although the company did no business and was closed and the website operated as a glorified business card with no advertisement for business.

- Framed and colluded with the DOJ, Federal Judges Boyle, Hurley and Tomlinson, US Attorney Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer and even possibly into the White House

- CFTC Chairman Gensler orchestrates a raid of McCrudden's former home where he hadn't lived in four years and has Homeland Security, the FBI and Suffolk County Police interrogate McCrudden's 19 year old daughter who was alone from college at the time frightening her. When informed that McCrudden no longer lived there and it was up for sale, he instructed them to "speak to the realtor" for some unknown reason.

- That Dan Driscoll of the NFA "stacks committee's to get the decisions he wants" and is proved when he hand picks Charles Nastro, the former Chairman of the NFA, to oversee McCrudden's denial of registration case.

- Collude with Assistant US Attorney Chris Veatch to provide false evidence in extorting McCrudden to attend a diversion program for an additional year

- Collude with Federal Judge Reena Raggi in denying McCrudden's appeal to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Raggi was once a Judge in the corrupt Eastern District Court of New York.

- Set up by Greg Firehock at Finra, a former Department of Justice lawyer, saying he was "looking for McCrudden's help in investigating a former employer", only to be persecuted for a bogus and faux rules violation of "failure to uphold high standards."

- Denied due process at Finra while contacting Cindy Foster of the Ombudsman's Office, only to have Finra Chief Attorney, Terri Reicher intervene.

- Denied due process by colluding with NAC members and having a Finra employee named Lawrence Bernard on a supposedly, "independent panel."

- Bullied and persecuted by the SEC and CFT C in 2009 for simply running a legitimate and successful hedge fund. The lawyer at the SEC, James Bresnicky, stating the investigation was because, 'the returns were too good to believe."

- False imprisonment, corruption, a political prisoner, etc.

- Being sued for a frivolous and malicious lawsuit by the CFTC for $58 million dollars for a "simple registration violation" that McCrudden doesn't even submit and paid high profiled law firms to submit. In any case, the same Judge Hurley who denied McCrudden's bail will not recuse himself, will not dismiss the lawsuit and continues to allow this bogus lawsuit although he knows it cannot be proven and McCrudden acted in good faith and best i9nterests of the fund and limited partners.

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