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Results of my Stock Picks here and on my site. We were 5 for 5 today!

|Includes:HMY, IRM, LoopNet, Inc. (LOOP), RHT, SCS

 All of these stocks were up today  even LOOP which hit a high of $14.61  , so there was definite room for a solid Profit  with lots of liquidity in all 5 Stock Picks.

IRM finished the day at a plus  25 cents from the opening price

HMY closed out the day at a plus 90 cents from the opening price

My Huge Pick for the day,**RHT**  closed up on the plus side at $7.29 cents from the opening price

SCS also had a huge day closing  at the bell with a plus $1.05 from the opening price.

Cheers and good luck with your trades.