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Biotech Ideas for 3Q10 - AVII, BPAX, EXAS

|Includes:ANIP, EXAS, Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. (SRPT)
Andrew Nava LLC is a unique investment research firm in that it serves both retail and institutional biotech investors.  Institutional investors retain us because we're flexible, evaluate companies with significant potential in the short-term, and our notes are brief, fact-based, and to-the-point (perfect for busy investors and traders).  Retail investors like us because we have a solid reputation: we don't pump stocks or even issue buy/sell recommendations, rather we provide honest insight based off the discussions we have with management and KOLs.  Much of the time, this information is enough to assist with your investment decisions.

Our investment ideas are self-generated, but we occasionally receive requests from hedge funds and traders to research a company or upcoming event.  The information we obtain is typically restricted to clinical trial and regulatory analysis, as well as getting more clarity on a company's upcoming milestones and financial health.

We also provide some technical analysis and offer a snapshot of a company's past stock behavior, expected future direction, and occasionally, option trading ideas.

At my past fund, I evaluated almost every small to mid cap company out there and met with scores of CEOs, CFO's, CSO's, etc on a continuous basis.  I've nurtured these relationships and now use them to provide insight for retail and institutional clients.  I also use my connections with industry and medical colleagues to gain further understanding into the products and clinical trials my firm is researching.  This sort of supplemental information is rare among research for the retail community and it offers a perspective that is usually offered only to institutional investors.

Some of the work we've done in June has been on three small cap companies with several 2H10 pending milestones: AVII, BPAX, and EXAS.  We're doing further work on about 5-6 companies.  Our model is not necessarily to "cover" any one company, but to find great investments for our clients that have the potential for significant market cap appreciation in the next six months.

Our rates are affordable and are the same for both retail and institutions.  There is a premium if you request for us to initiate contact with a company or provide research services in some capacity.  Otherwise, our firm generates the ideas.

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