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Conspiracy Theory - GE & President Obama

|Includes:General Electric Company (GE)

Anyone else think it is a little odd that all of the following happened on the same day:

1. GE posts excellent 4Q results
2. President Obama visits GE plant
3. President Obama names Immelt to head the his new economic advisory panel .
4. The Dems have a retreat to start thier 2012 campaign with a new pledge, "Made in America."

From the Washington Post (21-Jan-2011):

"...In announcing the appointment of General Electric chief executive Jeffrey Immelt to chair the council, Obama hailed him as an innovator who can advance the administration's goal of dramatically boosting U.S. exports as a way to create jobs.

In remarks at a GE plant in this city, the industrial giant's birthplace, Obama said Immelt "understands what it takes for America to compete in the global economy."

The new push for jobs, increasing exports and expanding trade are all good for the markets. With the CEO heading the council, I can't help to think GE is in for two or more great years.

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