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Great iPhone App for Investors to Research Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stocks

|Includes:Morningstar, Inc. (MORN)
by Jeffrey Lin, MarketHEIST

With our previous stock market iPhone app reviews more focused on trading and short term market analysis, it was great to do this video review of Morningstar's iPhone app.  Morningstar's iPhone app is a breath of fresh air compared to many other stock market apps.  This app is focused on long term investors with heat maps and visualizations based on fund strategy instead of industries and sectors (which is a more short term perspective).  While we would prefer more analyst research for free, then more extensive research can be part of the morningstar premium, as it stands the information is enough to help investors be able to pull up mutual fund and ETF information when discussing investments with a friend or financial advisor on the golf course or cruise.

Most stock market iPhone apps are designed for more active investors and traders, not long term investors.  The instant connectivity of mobile devices lends itself to the fast pace of day trading and fund managers.  Investors usually won't be checking their investments on a minute by minute or hour by hour basis, especially with mutual funds stuck in IRA's, annuities, and 401k's that are can't and aren't adjusted often.  However, it is still useful for investors to keep abreast of their investments, the market situation, and being able to do so from a mobile device.

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Stocks: MORN