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An Investing Roadmap Showing The Big Picture

I'm afraid that most people invest and trade without ever seeing the whole picture of

  1. How the markets work
  2. Ways to be profit from the market (i.e. ways to play the game)

Part of the problem is there are countless ways to make money in the market (once you understand some basics about how the market works). What are the unspoken rules of the game? Who are you playing against? What moves can you make to reach your objectives? 99.9% of the analysis, comments, and even education skip properly addressing these questions.

The experts, because they are experts, have learned the basics of how the markets work to some degree. They've also become specialized in one technique, analysis, or investment idea that they are good at. So what you hear on TV or read on investment websites and publications are a very limited view of the market. With each expert talking about slightly different "pixels" of the market, what you get by listening to dozens of different experts is dozens of scattered pixels. However, this is a very incomplete picture of the market and the opportunities you should have. This is why it's so confusing for most people to understand the investing and trading, but it just comes down to incomplete information. It's anecdotal investing.

Even financial advisors suggesting mutual funds and annuities are only focused on a tiny corner of the market. If that's all you've had the chance to learn about, your opportunities are very tiny compared to what's available. More importantly, these limited opportunities you've been exposed to may not be the best for your personal situation. Again, experts and financial advisors are great at what they do, but they're great because they're speaking from their point of view on what they know, not what you need.

For this purpose, we have started this series: "Fresh Start: Stock Market in 100 Days." We'll go through the 100 essential things to know about the stock market. It doesn't matter whether you're a investor or trader it doesn't matter, we're all playing on the same field called the market. By the end of this series, you'll have a basic, but complete view of the market that'll allow you to make informed decisions about growing your wealth.