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You Get Back Up Again, After Being Knocked Down... Just Lie Down

Driven to a state of total exhaustion after a trading nightmare?

Lost a lot of you own money?

All the pressure seems to be on you and no other factors matter. In your mind, you are convinced that you must take everything that is thrown at you. Or else you are letting yourself and everyone else down.

Coaches often repeat the words perseverance, resilience, bravery and focus. Easily said, even expensive to listen to. Along with other bland and totally annoying sentences like ' you have to be tough to survive in this game'.

Bottom line… you're a failure, if you don't meet these gurus' expectations.

Bull! If you have had a trading catastrophe and you are frightened to event glance at the markets. Take some time out. Forget about it. Lie down. Tell your coach to get stuffed.

You trade if you want to. You trade to suit your personality. You set your own objectives and forget what anyone else says.

If you do start to crawl after being knocked down, I suggest take a profit, any profit you get on your first trade and rest again. Take it slowly.

The biggest fallacy in trading is that profession traders are making money all the time. Swinging massive amounts of money around with gay abandon.

In twenty years, the best traders I've seen, have all had miserable runs from time to time. They went through a lot of pain, even took a break before starting slowly again.

Do things at you pace… you will be a lot more successful!

Brian Kiely