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Through The Eye Of A Needle… Performance Booster

There is nothing that will boost your performance like… a good broker who offers these six things…

- Tight consistent spreads

- Easy Order Adjustment

- Excellent order execution

- Guaranteed stop losses

- Liquidity - in retail size - liquidity in major pairs should be taken for granted, so spreads should not vary much from the advertised tight spread promoted by the broker.

- Easy and Reliable deposit and withdrawal facilities.

You need to have both of these attributes yourself…

- A money management process that leaves you plenty of risk options, regardless of whether you are having a bad week or a bad month.

- A rock solid system you follow religiously… There will be more on systems in time on this blog, the system does not have to be perfect but your discipline does.

Optional extras, which are not that important…

Extra things that do not matter on brokerage sites unless you are program trading -

For example the news and charting software offered for free.

There are better charting and news options available at reasonable prices on the Internet.

Brian Kiely