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The Secret To Success In Foreign Exchange…

|Includes:ProShares UltraShort Euro ETF (EUO), UUP

The Secret to Success In Foreign Exchange… Dream Small !

Otherwise you are Kamikaze trading, and that has an Unhappy Ending!

Beginners guess, big professional traders make it by betting the house every day. Not from what I've seen.

Having watched professional spot traders everyday for a decade, a lot of the veterans just pick their battles. They chip away at their budgets over 200 days.

One of the most successful spot dealers in London said most days its just a grind. Then two or three times a year its worth really attacking the market with a vengeance.

Even the new Pope would concede the world wasn't built in a day.

Take your time you will get there…

Brian Kiely Forex For

Stocks: EUO, UUP