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Lesson 2 – How To Succeed In Foreign Exchange

If your mortgage payment is based on your intra-day trading on the second last day of the month, then the risks are insurmountable.

In a dealing room of a 1000 traders and sales people there are only 5 or 10 guys on the prop desk. Now there is not even a prop desk in most institutions.

There are still plenty of opportunities in the FX market for retail traders. Money can be made!

But being a full-time retail FX trader is like dreaming of playing golf like Tiger Woods.

It's a nice fantasy… but in many cases completely unrealistic.

Lesson 2 - How to Succeed in FX… Get another Job…. The benefit to really clear thinking and insight, is not to be under too much pressure. A steady income will allow you make the most of your chances when they come along, as you trade FX as a second job or pastime.

The easiest money you can speculate with, is the money you do not depend on.


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