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Open Letter To Amarin's CEO

|Includes:Amarin Corporation PLC (AMRN), AZN, GSK, PFE

Joe Zakrzewski,

During latest Conference call,you made a statement,""Partnerships are Messy".

I think that is a wrong perception. Lipitor was launched in 1997 after a partnership between Warner Lambert and Pfizer in 1996 to co-market.

The record shows that Pfizer played a major role in the success of Lipitor Launch--realizing 18% market share in a few months.

Please read:

I think Partnership can lead to stronger Blitz launch in 2013 with better results and lead to better valuation for Amarin in BUY OUT.

You know from May,2011 experience with Buy Out offers that no one is willing to offer the price you want now without any sales data.

Even Valeant Pharm. that you were COO of had sales before Glaxo Smith -GSK agreed to pay 1.65 billion$ for US franchise.

So please-Explore Marketing partnership with Pfizer or Astra Zeneca or Merck.

Astra Zeneca is busy with new acquisitions like ARDEA,AMYLIN and has sought Pfizer's help in marketing NEXIUM in OTC markets in 2014 for 250 mil.$ plus royalties.

Merck is another possibility,but in my judgement,Pfizer is a better partner.

Disclosure: I am long AMRN.

Additional disclosure: I own shares of AMRN